How to choose Order fulfillment Services

These days all small and large sellers prefer to opt for Order fulfillment Services so that they can spend more time on other activities outsourcing fullfillment. If you are new to Order fulfillment Services and looking for one which suits you, you can follow this checklist to find best fit services for you.

No of Orders per Month

How many orders are you selling monthly? Are you B2C or B2B seller? Either you are a starter or established seller with higher volume sales? Some services are good for small sellers whereas other charge minimum monthly and might not be good for starters


One time Set up and integration fee, monthly storage, packing, fulfillment and shipping and handling fees. Compare there Order fulfillment Services fees.

Return Handling

Does your products have higher no of return requests? How does Order fulfillment Services handle returns and do they charge returns?


Are you selling in USA or worldwide? If you are international seller, you have to look for services which provide international shipping options.


Do you want bar coding of your products? Some sellers prepare their products themselves like Etsy or Amazon handmade and so do not have bar codes on their products. You can opt for services which provide bar coding options on your products. Some of them are Amazon FBA and Whiplash.


Do you need to assembling and special packaging of your products? Check with them in such cases – how do they handle such cases.

Shipping options

Do you need regular shipping as well as expedite shipping based on customer’s choice? Some services provide you option to choose shipping for each individual order so that you can give option of prime, 2 day shipping or regular shipping. It is always better to provide more option to buyers.


Where are your mostly buyers located? Do you want warehouse anywhere? or location specific? Are you in New York and selling locally? Or selling all over USA? Or globally? Based on your specific buyer’s location, you can opt fulfillment services.

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Are you an exporter and looking for services who accept sellers from other countries? You are selling in USA but residing in some other country.. In that case you have to search for fulfillment services which accept sellers from outside country. And you have to prepare for their terms and conditions as you have to pay your duties in advance and look for custom agents as Importer or record. You can not mention them as importer of record.

Store Integration

Do you want to integrate your store with them? Many such services give store integration API like Shopify, Opencart, Magento etc. So in case if you want to integrate, you can check with them.

Payment Options

Do they support Paypal? Or you can pay with cards? Check their payment options

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Last but not least , do not forget to read their reviews on popular review site.

I hope this post would be helpful to you. Which fullfillment service are you using and what do you feel about it. Write to us at

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