Detective APP for Smartphones

Detective App?? Yes!! As we all know Call recorder software records the telephonic conversations. There is an app on your Google Play Store, which can record any smartphone’s calls and also can send you. This is HIDDEN CALL RECORDER App. It is a hidden app as its name suggests. It will work as a detective app for smartphones. You need to install this app in that user’s smartphone, whose calls you want to record. Once you install this app, it will be disappeared. So the user will be unknown to this app.

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How does recording start –

After installing this app, recording starts automatically. It means all the calls will be recorded and you will get details. These recordings are in MP4 format, therefore, audio quality is fantastic. You can also know the incoming and outgoing calls. When you install this app, you need to add your email-id there, therefore, all the recording calls’ details will be appeared in your mailbox.

What you can do with the App –

  1. By this app, user can operate that smartphone, even if he is out of reach of that smartphone.
  2. User can also switch ON or OFF the WiFi data of smartphone.
  3. User can unlock the smartphone through this app.

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  • Its size is only 5 mb. So you don’t need more space to install this App.
  • You can install it in android version 3.0 and updated versions.
  • This App has been installed 10 lakhs times till now.
  • This App is free for 7 days, after that you will have to pay Rs. 120.

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  • Once you finished installing, there will be a message of Backup Service. You need to accept that message and also add your email-id there.
  • After adding your email-id, registration process will be completed. You need to ALLOW all the networks. User can also set Access Code.
  • Which code user will set, all will be opened by that code only. 123456 is a default code. Now, user will receive a link and password.
  • User can open these link by entering password. There will be all the recorded calls in location option. User can download and listen them.

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