How to hide last seen on facebook

How to hide Last seen on Facebook

Wanna know how to hide last seen on Facebook?? Today, we all are using social networking platforms like FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP etc. Facebook is a social networking platform, which connect you to people using it. It doesn’t require you a graduate or an officer. It just requires a facebook account you can send a friend request to any other using facebook and you can also chat with them.


Now I am going to tell you something about facebook. Do you know you can hide your last seen on Facebook like Whatsapp? I don’t think you knew it. Let me tell you….


Last year Facebook has launched a feature, by which you can see everyone’s last seen. It means if any of your friend sent you a message, so you can know the time of sending and delivery of the message.

social-network-76532_960_720Before this, user can only know whether their friend(s) is/are online or not. But now you can hide your last seen on facebook, if you want. Most of the time, when someone send you a message and you don’t want to reply of that message. But while you read that message so you have to reply. So if you hide your last seen on Facebook, nobody knows when did you log in last to check messages on facebook.

Now I am gonna tell you how to hide Last seen with the following steps:

Step 1 – First of all, you will have to open Google Chrome in your PC or Mobile. Then open Facebook, because this process will work only for Google Chrome.

Step 2 –¬†After that download Unseen Extension. Then add it with your Google Chrome browser.

Step 3 – Now enable this Extension. Then you will receive a message and your last seen status will not appear to any of your sender. Because this Extension will block your last seen for everyone.


Try this feature, I am sure you will love it…..

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