How to update nameserver in GoDaddy

After registering for domain from godaddy, next step is to take hosting for your domain. You can either take it from GoDaddy itself or else from other hosting providers.

In case if you are taking hosting from other hosting providers, you need to update name server in Godaddy to redirect domain to that hosting services.

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Steps to Change Nameserver

  1. Login to cPanel of your Hosting provider and look for name server details on the dashborad or in sidebar. These are 2 IP addresses like it. Keep this window open with name-servers on it.
  2. Go to your GoDaddy account from where you registered domain and login.
  3. Go to domain list and locate your domain name there.
  4. Click on DNS link against your domain name
  5. Scroll down to Name server Box and click edit/change
  6. There are 2 boxes.
  7. Go to your hosting provider window which you left opened and copy first name server name and paste here on godaddy nameserver first box. copy second name  server and paste in second box and click save

It usually take 24 to 48 hours to update name server. So wait for that time.

That’s it.

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