Many online stores I opened with dropshipper

I was selling good as a seller on Ebay. But it’s not good idea to stick to only one selling platform. Rather open few stores with other marketplaces. So I decided to open few more stores on different market places and then many online stores I opened with dropshipper . This way I can get more sales and exposure.
I explored marketplaces where i can sell products, checked their listing and selling fees and much more and opened many store on various platforms –
  • – iOffer was free platform when i created store on it. I guess, only selling fee is there. You can easily export your products from ebay to iOffer. You actually its easy listing at iOffer if you already have store on ebay. But I never get any sale on iOffer. It was all waste of time and efforts here.
  • – It’s better than iOffer. It also provides google exposure and visitors are more here. I got few sales here.
  • – ECrater is free and very simple platform. But it does not provide product variations so you need to list either separate products for each variation or else write in description.
  • – Etsy is good platform for handmade items and i did really well here. I earned a lot here but its customer service is not seller friendly. Earned a lot feedbacks and appreciations on etsy. It was good journey there.
  • Artfire – it has flat monthly / quarterly fee and there is no listing and selling fee thereafter. But listing variations are not available here.
After trying so many platforms, paying fees for them all, i decided to learn how to make own website. Being a software engineer by profession and eager to learn more and more, it was not difficult for me to start thinking of my own website.
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