who saw my profile picture

Who saw my Profile Picture

Wanna know who saw my profile picture? Whatsapp is an application operating only in android phones and smartphones. As we know, Whatsapp has many features and more features are updating day by day. Do you wanna know more about Whatsapp?

There is a missing feature on Whatsapp through which one can know who is checking his or her profile picture. There is no security or alert feature for that. It means anyone can open your profile picture and save it in his or her gallery.

Do you want to know who is checking your whatsapp profile picture or who did see your profile picture? Yesssss!!!!!! Now you can find that person.

How to know

Although,there is no feature on Whatsapp but there is an application, which can tell you about it. This application is Whats Tracker.

Those who are using android mobile phones, can install this app from Play Store at free of cost.

This app comes in Pro and Paid versions. You can know who visited your profile picture in last 7 days by Pro version. On Paid version, you can know the real time details of that person who is checking your profile picture. Though, Users need to spend $1.99 for it.

Know about Whats Tracker:

  • This app is designed by Tamazones. It has designed one more application called Whats Web.

  • This app will work on android 4.1 or updated versions.

  • It takes different space in different smartphones.

  • User can track location of Whatsapp contacts.

  • There is no need of GPS in smartphone.

Why you need for this feature:

  • Which Whatsapp Status are lengthy, can only be read by going on their profiles.

  • Most of all, the users check each other’s status by going on their profile picture in this situation.

  • Whatsapp gives the permission to save anyone’s profile picture.

How to check by this app:

These are the steps followed to use this app –

First Step – First of all, user needs to go on play store to install this app. More than 10 lakhs people have installed this application.

Second Step – When user will open this app, there will be an agreement appear on user’s mobile’s screen. User needs to read this agreement and click on agree and continue.

Third Step – Now, you need to fill your details here like your name, your country, your whatsapp number and also select your gender.

Fourth Step – Then you will go ahead, data loading will be appeared on your mobile’s screen. It can take near about or more than 30 seconds.

Fifth Step – Now there will be 3 categories opened on your mobile’s screen, Contacts, Visited and Visitor.

Sixth Step – If you will click on Visited category, there will be a list of those people whose profiles have been visited by you.

Seventh Step – If you will click on Visitor category, there will be a list of those people who have visited your profiles. Finally, you can find those people.

Eighth Step – User can text on Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or Platform also by this app.

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