Starting a WordPress Blog for Beginners

We know many of us love writing and want to make it source of income. But there is no way to get the details about how to start. I have many blogging and eCommerce sites and working from home and earning through all these websites. The easiest thing in the world would be launching your own self hosted WordPress blog.

What is Self Hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress is blogging platform which comes in 2 flavors – one is fully hosted and other is Self Hosted. Fully Hosted is all free blog platform But with limitations and you can not run advertisement and use to to earn money. So if you want blogging to earn money, you have to go for self hosted WordPress with investment of approx between $2 to $10 per month
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Why Self Hosted WordPress is better than fully hosted?

Fully hosted WordPress does not give you authority to add your advertisements on site to earn money or add affiliate link. So if its just a hobby writing blog and you do not accept any money, then it is fine going with fully hosted. Otherwise if you want to start earning thru blogging, you have to for self hosted WordPress
OK, back to the point. However many people feel it difficult to start with website and all due to lesser knowledge of domain, hosting and WordPress. Anyways i am here to guide you launching your own WordPress blog. and you can send me your questions and i can do these installations for you if you can not do yourself.

Register Your Domain Name and hosting

 I prefer .com domain even though these are a bit costly but SEO and worldwide visibility wise it is my preference. You can also go with other extensions as well based on your country.
Check and look for available domains and book if you want – click here for hosting from goDaddy.
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Domain name should match your niche. Let us say you have expertise in fashion kind of things so you can start writing for fashion related posts and promote fashion affiliate programs to earn. Here you can book domain names which reflect that your blog is related to fashion.
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How much does it cost to start with

it hardly cost $2 to $10 per month depending on which plan you opted. WordPress software is free of cost. You just need to pay for domain and hosting . This is the minimum amount you need to pay. Other than that it is upto you how much more you want to spend in advertising, promotion, SEO  or paid extensions to grow faster. I prefer doing it myself as this is my interest area and i love exploring. Keep reading my blog for more such posts so that you can do it yourself.

Credit card / Paypal

You need credit card to book domain name as most of international domain providers do not accept debit cards. It is always good to register for paypal also for future use and buying more extensions and plugins as and when needed… moreover to accept payments from your clients when you show their ads on your WordPress blog in few months
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If you took your domain from godaddy and hosting it at hostgator, you need to update nameserver in godaddy.
Next step is to host WordPress as you bought domain name. You can login to your hosting provider cPanel and install WordPress.

Easy way to install WordPress in Hostgator

  • Login to hostgator cPanel
  • Go to quick install on software / services section
  • Look for WordPress and click on it
  • Fill out WordPress configuration info like your domain name, admin email you want to create, your blog title (you can change it later) etc
  • Click install to complete set up
  • You will receive a mail with your URL, id and password to login
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Once you are done with your WordPress installation, you have to complete following things to start with
Bookmark your WordPress site and admin URL. Remember id and password.
Now you have to set up your WordPress site like (Initial WordPress set up after installation for beginners)
  • choosing and installing theme (Good Free themes for starters)
  • Logo, banner and icon (how to create logo and banner yourself)
  • customization
  • appearance
  • Menu
  • Plugins (Essential wordpress Plugins you need for your blog)
  • Writing and publishing your first post
  • SEO (How to do Blog SEO)
  • Creating social media (Social media Promotion for my blog)
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Initially you write daily 1 post upto 5 posts and then start their social promotions so that your website get indexed and started appearing in search results. Then you can create plan and write on regular intervals.
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Start writing and sharing to your social media to get some exposure and track your stats (new post) and decide your further strategy
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