wanna increase your smartphone's and laptop's life

Wanna increase your Smartphone’s and Laptop’s Life?

Today, everyone has Gadgets like Smartphones, Laptops or iPhones. But not everyone knows how to care for it? When you use any Gadget and you show any carelessness, it affects your gadget’s life. First you need to know what are these carelessness, which restrict to increase your smartphone’s and laptop’s life.

1. Regular Charging

Mostly people leave their smartphones connecting with charger at night and take sleep. While some work on laptops after connecting with charger. Both the ways are wrong. They can harm the life of your device’s battery.

What to do?

Connect your Smartphone with the charger only after the low battery warning. Don’t over-charge it. Do same with your laptop. Connect it with charger once it has only 30% battery. It will increase your smartphone’s and laptops’s life.

2. Wrong Use

When you buy a smartphone or laptop, it comes with many other devices. Don’t show carelessness with them.

What to do?

Don’t wrap Data Cable, Mobile or Laptop Charger in a wrong way. It may decrease your device’s life.

3. Gadgets need Brake  

Your gadget also needs brake. Any gadget which is used continue for some hours, diminishes its life.

What to do?

Shut down your Smartphone as well as Laptop at night or when you don’t have any work on it. It will save their life.

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4. Cleaning is needed

As researchers found, a mobile screen has more bacteria than on a toilet seat. It causes stomach infection.

What to do?

Clean your gadget regularly. But don’t use insecticide to clean gadget’s screen. There are Gadget cleaning Solvents available in the market. So kindly use them only.

5. Antivirus

Some People believe that Antivirus makes their device slow. It’s not true. The truth is if you use your device without antivirus, it diminishes your device’s life. Neither your device is safe nor its data, without antivirus.

What to do?

Use best antivirus in your smartphone, tablet and laptop and also update it regularly. Scan your system through antivirus on time to time. So that, no virus can enter in your device and the old one will be removed.

6. Cover your Gadget

If you use your smartphone or laptop without cover or screen guard, it may harm your device’s life. If you don’t use cover or screen guard, there will be scratches on your device’s screen and also its screen may damage while slip down your device.

What to do?

Some users think that if they use covers, it will discourage the look of their device. But there are many designer cases available in the market, which will protect your device as well as enhance its look.

7. Handling

If you leave your gadget in dust or wet place, it also decreases the life of your gadgets. Neither keep your gadget in too cool temperature nor in very hot. It raises the chances of screen damaging.

What to do?

Always keep your Gadgets on neat and safe place.

8. Repairing

We usually take our device to the repair center, when it doesn’t work anymore and we also try to save money.

What to do?

If there is any problem with your phone or laptop, take it to the repairing center immediately. If you will not do hurry or will try to save money, it may cause the big loss.

9. Don’t use, while eating

Don’t use phone or laptop, while you are eating. Because in case, water drops on gadget, it will damage. On the other hand, don’t use laptop in the bed.

What to do?

If you are taking meal, keep away from phone or laptop. If you do it, it will increase your smartphone’s and laptop’s life.

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