Whatsapp hacking

Whatsapp Hacking

Whatsapp Hacking? What? Wanna know a secret about Whatsapp?? Today, we all are using social networking platforms like FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP etc. There are so many benefits of these platforms like, Whatsapp is a best medium for messaging. This is an immediate messaging app, by which you can exchange messages or media with who are using it. We all know that we can use Whatsapp on Desktop also.


Whatsapp needs your phone number exchanged with the person, you want to chat. But do you know someone can hack your whatsapp in few seconds?

What?? How??

Yeah I know these type of questions are arising in your mind right now. Let me tell you…..

Whether Whatsapp is an useful medium of conversation, on the other hand, it has chances of losing user’s data. We have heard many times that someone has stolen my whatsapp data. But who?

There are many people around us who try to steal our whatsapp data. They may also be your friends or relatives. So you should never ignore the security feature of your Whatsapp.



I am now going to tell you a trick, by which you may know how can one steal Whatsapp data and how can you refrain from it:

1. If any of your friend or relative wants to steal your data, may be they ask for your cell phone for few seconds.

2. First of all, your friend will go to your Whatsapp settings, then will click on Whatsapp Web option and will scan the QR code on their Desktop.

3. Then your Whatsapp Account will be opened on your friend’s Desktop.

4. Now, your friend can read all your details and messages. They also can chat with your other friends by using your name.


How can you refrain from it:

  • First off all, go to your Whatsapp Account App and click on Whatsapp Web in settings.

  • Here, you may know whether your Account is opened with any Desktop or not. When you will open Whatsapp Web, there will be that operating system’s name appeared where your Whatsapp Account opened.

  • There will be an option for ‘Logout from all Computers’. Click on it.

  • If you do it, your account will be logged out on all the computers where it opened.

Apply this trick and then write us how helpful it is for you.

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