Where to Submit Article for Best Results

Where to submit article for best results or to get best SEO return. We know having one’s own Blog is good but are there some third party sites with good authority and loads of traffic. Places like EzineArticles is dead and Hubpages so fussy.

  • Contact your niche related bloggers to get a guest post. This should help in getting quality links.
  • Go for sites like Livejournal, squidoo, tumbler etc that can give a nice link juice. I also get good results from link authority.

                     Issue – Livejournal and Tumblr use sub domain structure, those sites aren’t even on the same domain. Not that it would help any… Do Tumblr or Livejournal have prominent links to those individual blogs? That’s how link juice passes to a page. These services give link juice if you provide it yourself. Which is a strategy that some use, but those services don’t generate link juice.

  • Find bloggers in related niches, not your niche, then.
  1. If your client’s site is about real estate, find appraisers or mortgage broker.
  2. If you sell radios, find someone who has a blog about modern history or furniture.
  • Split it into slides and put it on Slideshare. (and you can actually keep the original article and still use it elsewhere)I agree that ezinearticles and the likes are waste of time.
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