Why Guest Posts are important for SEO

Guest posts is information and engaging post which you are publishing on other’s website for SEO purpose. Its same as you write for your site with only difference is – you are publishing it on other’s website and getting backlink from there. so that you can get value from other sites which will help you improve SEO and to spread the words and gain brand awareness. Guest posts are important part of offline SEO.

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Steps –

  • You have to search sites which allow guest posts and are of same niche as yours.
  • Contact such sites and ask for details. Such sites might be free or paid.
  • Write an informational article with 500 or more words. Prepare featured image. decide anchor text and link backs from post.
  • Send that article to guest posting sites, pay if asked and ask for tentative publish date.
  • Once published, share that to your social media for more exposure

Should i go for free sites? or paid sites?

I usually prefer paid guest posts as they provide do follow links, guarantee of site to be there for said time duration. Other than that you will get other benefits like social media promotion and being included in there newsletter. so its always good to opt paid services for better results rather than free sites.

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Why it is important for SEO?

  • Readers will get your services details and website details on other sites and so you can increase your brand awareness
  • You will get authority with do follow backlinks from that site
  • If site is giving just nofollow backlinks, that’s also not bad as if that site has good traffic, you can get some traffic from there.

How to find sites for guest posts?

You can search google with your niche keyword and “accept guest post” and will get some results. you can change and search with different queries.

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Checkpoints while doing guest post on other sites?

  • Life of your post on their site
  • No of backlinks allowed
  • backlinks will be dofollow or nofollow
  • how will your post get exposure there? do they promote posts?

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